Parrot OS – Scaling the desktop with Xorg X11 without changing the resolution


In this post, I will show you how to scale the desktop with Xorg X11 without changing the resolution

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➡️ Introduction:

With UHD(Ultra High Definition) display, everything is super small and difficult to see. Thankfully, you can scale the display to a desired size that is better for your eyes. Parros OS use Xorg X11 which can be scale using the extension Xrandr or HiDPI scaling under MATE Tweak.

Xrandr is used to set the size, orientation and/or reflection of the outputs for a screen. It can also set the screen size.

➡️ Scaling using HiDPI under MATE Tweak

From the Menu Tool Bar > Select System > Preferences > Look and Feel

Select HiDPI under Windows

Screen before HiDPI was selected:

Screen after HiDPI enabled

➡️ Scaling using Xorg X11 extension Xrandr

Changes the dimensions of the output picture. Values superior to 1 will lead to a compressed screen (screen dimension bigger than the dimension of the output mode), and values below 1 leads to a zoom in on the output. It’s recommended that you Log Out after changing the scaling for it to fully take effect.

Xrandr Manual Page:

Getting the connected display name:

└──╼ $ xrandr --listmonitors
Monitors: 1
 0: +DP-2 3840/597x2160/336+0+0  DP-2
└──╼ $

In the above example DP-2 is our output name.

Running the following line will query all outputs and enable them with their default mode::

└──╼ $ xrandr --auto

Zoom In

└──╼ $ xrandr --output DP-2 --scale 0.8x0.8

Zoom Out

└──╼ $ xrandr --output DP-2 --scale 1.1x1.1

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